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loose leaf

loose leaf

Nick Nemesis - Name That Beat #6 - Goldie - A$AP Rocky

4y ago


#HeartNSoul - #NameThatBeat - Pick a beat and i kill it! @NickNemesis Lyrics: trust mee this aint the real beat but ima still kill it boy welcome to the feast none these mcs could ever see me blind they must be but ima make em see defeat rappers talkin shit wit they lips pop off my goons buck the 5th till they lips pop off everybody wanna rap all of sudden really they buggin but i aint worried bout nothin this retalation boy im so tired of waitin all these haters violatin leap em im sania lakin awaiting a chance to crack the belt but they to busy fuckin they self masterbation wait lemme say how many diff colors my coupe be but truly all i need is a pen and some loose leaf painting a picture sittin while im inking my scriptures thinkin bout some bitches they switchin im just sippin elxirs mixin up dirty sprite wit vania white spin the wheel on date prolly disappear after i cop a feel woooo thats some magic bitch you couldnt stay wit the pace thats some magic shit welcome to the game you facin elimantion well thats the word from my congragation they conversatin just explanin how im satan torchin places burnin faces crazy how im racing elctrified so elect this guy to run the nation no time for a hook just mayweather jabs training by the book like mayweathers dad homo and you just looking more like cotto thinkin you hittin till they replay it in slow mo i am all about the box ask yo girl bet she know a don in the casino bugsy sigel or al pacino stackin c note after c note but bet its all legal so not fine check my mind and bet its all evil in other words i run this shit heart dark as a dungeon is hush the barkin kid or you will see how sharp my marksmen is not born where hustlin lives but adapted to the fashion often silent but always grinding you can see it in my action this music is in my soul you could say its like my passion since i been alive always had drive i guess im like aston martin or martian either way im to high departin yeah i work in pennys but dont ask me which department if your lookin to start shit im down for the hardship we can rock n roll il slit your throat with a fuckin guitar pick im twice as worse as sars is double whtat the plague did how can you foul up world peace even if its flagrant my run is like dixie cup if its enough il say when but until then respect the hustle or get muscled ok then its blatant your wack stop the rap and relax kid then go get my mixtape heart n soul up on datpiff Beat: ASAP Rocky - Goldie (Prod. Hit-Boy) Remake by Rick Hertz