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Like' us on Facebook - Visit us on Follow us on Twitter - BalconyTV Lisboa Newsletter - BALCONYTV LISBOA PRODUZIDO POR MIGUEL TEIXEIRA APRESENTADO POR DANIEL CARDOSO SOM: HUGO AZEVEDO IMAGEM: JOÃO RAMOS EDIÇÃO: JOÃO RAMOS PRODUTORA DELEGADA (WooWoo): SARA SIM SIM APOIO: WooWoo.TV - Tens uma banda e gostavas de a poder promover internacionalmente através da Balcony TV? Envia informação sobre o teu projecto para NEXIT "No matter what life brings us, we always give it our best" This is the motto that as always kept us united even when the dream of making part of a band didn't exist. The dream began in 2009 and the first live concert took place on April 1, 2010 at Bar Santiago Alquimista (Lisbon) where empathy with the public occurred soon after the first chord. Reviews were excellent and the motivation for the project is stronger now. The message is clear... the band don't believe in trivialities! The Lyrics are simple and clear, leaving no one in any doubt. "The world can be better! We are all special! You and I together will make a difference! Dare to Dream!" Every NEXIT song has a story and an interesting musicality that we believe worth sharing. NEXIT is a Universal project and in that way the lyrics are in English. But NEXIT are proud to be Portuguese! A small country that has always won and changed the world. NEXIT invites you to listen to their songs, enjoy them with care an be prepared to travel. Dare to Dream! VIA: Tune in again tomorrow!