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Newtown Creek Celebration: Puppet Parade and Pageant

4y ago


Newtown Creek Celebration: Puppet Parade and Pageant is a community-based arts program offering local young people the opportunity to use theater and visual art as a tool to respond to an environmental concern impacting the area in which they live. Over the course of 9 days, 70 young people will work with 3 artists to create an original performance that explores the impact of pollution on Newtown Creek. The youth will build large, processional style puppets and masks to perform the story of the creek: what it used to be like, how it was impacted by pollution, and what a clean creek could offer the local community. The final performance will be a community-wide celebration on August 23 in McGolrick Park, Brooklyn. During the event, youth will parade their handmade puppets through the neighborhood to McGolrick Park, where they will perform a celebration open to the public. In addition to mastering arts skills, the program will support youth to: Develop creative problem-solving skills Heighten awareness of environmental issues and encourage stewardship to protect natural areas Build teamwork skills through group theatre making Enhance the quality of neighborhood life by offering a celebration that brings together different community sectors