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financial institutions

News on Europe and Market Prices -

4y ago


For your free cash flow training go to : -News on Europe and Market Prices. Check out more info about this video at Follow us on facebook at News on Europe and Market Prices News on the weekend of Spain's bailout acceptance has buoyed not only markets across Asia today, but all prices across all asset classes. The news from Spain signaled to investors that not only were there financial institutions now under control, but it happened without further putting the Finances of the already embattled country under further pressure. Except for Australian markets which were off due to a national holiday, all other major indices across Asia say healthy rises to the high side. Most notable also was the comeback of oil prices, Crude Oil futures were well on their way to climbing the most they had in nearly four months thanks to the bailout news, a strong reversal after falling seventy two cents on Friday. Despite this bout of optimism, some investors turned a wary eye to the upcoming elections in Greece. There have been varying reports coming from the embattled Euro member over the last couple of weeks concerning sentiment to the various bailouts received and the stringent policy controls attached. While it has seemed that the Greeks were warming to the bailout conditions at one point, reports released the next day showed the exact opposite. If the Greek voters elect to bring in a party against the bailout criteria, it is feared this would begin a chain reaction which could have very adverse effects on the Euro, let alone the continent itself. These effects would obviously transcend over to the markets as well. Big Picture It seems it is once again a mixed bag for Europe. Despite somewhat positive weekend stock market news from Europe with the bailout of Spain's financial institutions, it seems there is still a very real threat to the continued bullish move in the market. If Greece does elect a government that does not favor the stimulus terms and conditions, it will be interesting to see what happens in global markets over the next couple of weeks.