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new york state

new york state

New York State Senate Genius: Kevin Parker

4y ago


You may be wondering, "Who let Kevin Parker out of jail?" - So are we. Kevin Parker (a man so intellectually inferior to all other persons with a minimum of a 3rd grade education) is barely coherent enough to group two sentences together. Many wonder: Can he read? Is he literate? We may never know. He cannot, however, control his violent temper, as detailed in the articles linked to below: The genius of the New York State Senate is mesmerizing. The MTA deserves full taxpayer support from New York City Residents, Upstate New York Residents, and (why not) support from the other 49 States. After all, one cannot expect the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to survive with ever increasing fair hikes, bond issuance, and the advantage of a complete monopoly. Therefore the MTA will need taxpayer support as well.