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New York City Police officer is in serious condition after he was shot

4y ago


A New York City Police officer is in serious condition after he was shot at least twice while responding to a 9-1-1 call at the Morrisania Air Rights public housing complex in the Melrose section of The Bronx. EMS rushed Officer Robert Salerno, who was concious, to Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center at around 12:30 p.m. on Monday. Salerno is assigned to the 44th precinct in the Bronx. Police say someone who may have been involved in the shooting was barricaded in the complex at 3073 Park Avenue. Speaking at a news conference on Monday afternoon in City Hall, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the Salerno was in serious condition. "We just don't know how serious it's going to be. Hopefully, it is not life-threatening, but any time you get shot at least once or maybe two or three times, it's serious," said Bloomberg. Bloomberg says he has known Salerno's father for about 20 years. Police say the officer's bullet-resistant vest stopped at least one bullet, but he was hit twice in the stomach. According to the New York City Public Housing website : "Morrisania Air Rights consists of three buildings, 19, 23, and 29-stories tall with 843 apartments housing some 1,952 residents. The buildings were completed February 29, 1980. The 5.38-acre Bronx complex is bordered by Park Avenue, East 158th, East 161st, and East 163rd Streets."