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wall street


2y ago


Occupy protesters in New York City joined anti-police brutality activists in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Brownsville Tuesday to demonstrate against the controversial police tactic known as "stop and frisk," which allows officers to detain and search citizens with little to no reason. Critics argue the tactic, which produces few arrests, creates a sense of institutionalized harassment in poor communities and communities of color. Christina Gonzalez is an Occupy Wall Street protester who joined the demonstration. Christina Gonzalez, protester: "These are the communities that are affected, you know, a community like mine in Far Rockaway, communities like up in Harlem and communities like in Brooklyn and certain places in Queens. Like, these are the places where we really need to be. These are where the problems are. These are where we should be mobilizing more people to come out. And Occupy Wall Street has given a movement like this a chance, so that we can come out and network and get more people and raise awareness to people who are like, 'Hey, corporate greed is bad. Oh, but wait a minute. They're stopping people in the streets for absolutely no reason? OK, I wasn't a part of that. I had no idea. Now I know, and now I'm here.' So that's the beautiful thing about it. It's just bringing everybody together." Twenty-seven participants in the demonstration were arrested after engaging in a deliberate act of civil disobedience by blocking the entrance to the offices of the New York City Police Department's 73rd Precinct, where "stop and frisk" rates are the highest in the city - 2 November 2011.