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the sounds

the sounds

(NEW WITH HD SOUND CENSORED IN USA) Miami Zombie actual uncut Surveillance video Memorial day

4y ago


***NEW This video with its sound has been enhanced and was censored in the United States because of the disturbing and violent nature of the sounds heard on the footage. This is the uncut raw video footage from the Miami Herold's surveillance exterior camera view of the crime scene. At 3:00 the surveillance camera pans to the crime scene At exactly 3:20 the second officer steps out of his police cruiser and discharges his weapon 6 times. Sound quality has been enhanced for this video; Listen carefully for the low audible growls and gunshots immediately following after as the officer crosses under the bridge. Miami, FL - Here's a timeline of the 'key' moments of the crazed zombie cannibal man eating another man's face. Saturday, May 26, Miami Herald security video of the flesh-eating attack on the MacArthur Causeway. The video is from a rooftop camera on the southwest corner of the six-story Herald building. On the right center of the screen is a Herald parking garage. Above it, right to left across the screen, is North Bayshore Drive, running between the Herald parking lot and the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts. Diagonally across the bottom of the frame is the Metromover track. The roadway on the left is the MacArthur Causeway offramp heading west, toward the top of the screen, in the direction of the Arsht Center. The scene of the attack, at the left bottom edge of the frame, is separated from the roadway by a concrete barrier. The view of the attack and the aftermath is blocked at times by palm trees and the Metromover track. ****ALL CREDIT AND COPYRIGHTS BELONGS TO "THE MIAMI HERALD" NEWS CORP. THANKS TO THEM WE HAVE THIS AMAZING VIDEO! Please visit for more awesome news! *****