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holy roman

holy roman

A 'NEW' HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE IS COMING! - Herbert W Armstrong - The World Tomorrow

2y ago


Herbert W Armstrong speaks on The World Tomorrow radio program about the coming final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire, which is also the United States of Europe. The date of this recording is unknown. The book of Revelation is the chief book of prophecy in the New Testament. It is a story flow of events from the time of Christ's first coming to the second coming. To reveal what will happen next in world events will absolutely stun and dumbfound this world! The United States of Europe will suddenly come together through a 'crisis', ruled by 10 kings bound together by the Vatican as the final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire that will unleash a terrifying and globally destructive nuclear World War 3 as prophesied in the Holy Bible! That time is now upon us! Several mainstream media outlets are now beginning to use the term 'United States of Europe' and 'Holy Roman Empire' which Herbert W Armstrong prophesied would arise since 1934! European bureaucrats, headed by Germany, are calling for a 10 nation political union, precisely as Mr Armstrong told us. NEWS HEADLINES: 10 Countries for a United States of Europe: Eurozone crisis: United States of Europe may be the only way to save euro: EU Plot to Scrap Britain: Be sure to also watch 'ALARMING Documentary: 4000 Year History of World Empires, End-Time Bible Prophecy & WW3' here: View the 'United States of Europe in Prophecy' playlist here: Subscribe to HWATV YouTube Channel with the largest selection of Herbert W Armstrong and related videos ever to be compiled: