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The New Haiti 2013 - Haiti Is More Beautiful Than Ever - MUST SEE !

2y ago


- En Nou Toute Mettez Main Ensemble Pou Voye Haiti Monter - . See "JcLaurent " On Facebook - I Will Confirm Your Friend Request - - Download And Share With Your Loved Ones - - The beauty of Haiti which has never been shown on TV. It's very sad; when it comes to Haiti, the "International Media" always go to the worst areas of Haiti worsen the country's image and frighten potential visitors. According to American Standards Haiti is very poor; yes it's true, but there are a lot of beautiful places to visit and the country is very beautiful. In this video, you will enjoy the Sights, The People, The Climate, The Warmth, The Mountains, The Culture and what has been done since the Earthquake. I strongly recommend watching this video to its fullest. I can predict in a few years Haiti will once again be the "Pearl of the Caribbean. See "JcLaurent " On Facebook - Friend Request Welcome -