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The Fallacy - The Intake Of Glass

4y ago


Song: The Fallacy Artist: The Intake of Glass Engineered/Mixed/Mastered by: Jordan Valeriote Lyrics: You told me that everything would be okay but it's plain to see how empty your promises can be. Why even put on this false persona when the root of your intentions is a surprise to no one? Front seats to this train wreck heading straight to a violent end. But you can't seem to comprehend the plotline that's unfolding. Why should I try when you give me a million reasons not to so much as give you the time of day? Step down from your throne, remove your fallacious crown. You're not above anyone else. You spent your life waiting for the punch line only to find the joke was you. Look me in the eyes and tell me you're alright because I can't uncover who you used to be. Behind this vulgar mask you've made (there has to be a way to put an end to all this misery.) You're casting a sickening shadow of the likes that I've never seen. And it's spreading like the plague feeding on your self indulgent ways. Who will be there to hear you're cries? Once you've pushed everyone so far away? How will you pick yourself up from underneath the rubble when your stronghold finally falls down? It's time to make a change, save yourself from this dire fate. It's time to make a life altering change. We believe that your world is self destructing. We must stand up and justify the truth.