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look into my eyes

look into my eyes

Never Change - Melissa Polinar

4y ago


This is a cover of Melissa Polinar's song Hope you enjoy it! and hope i didn't kill it for you lol i forced myself to sing this even tho my throat was hurting a lot. Here are her lyrics..i didn't pronounce the words properly lol sorry! I.) There is a place where both of us belong But as of now we just have to be strong To keep going moving forward even when only echoes answer back II.) There's a horizon behind the farthest line Where the ocean and land meet the sky don't be blinded by the lies be reminded just look into my eyes they'll say (that) I - I love you always I'll love you even when your heart breaks All you do is call I will help you fly when you fall I - I'll never leave you I won't let the sun set without me right by you All you do is call on my name This world may but my love will never change III.) We'll find the light when the candle burns out I won't let us lose what this fire is all about Looking at you wounded Helplessly weighted Know this even when you just can't feel it... [bridge] My love will grow with seasons' change We'll weather through every phase And I'll probably make some mistakes But nothing can stop me now 'cause from here on out...