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the right one

the right one

The Neighbor -A Jemi Love Story- Ep. 9

4y ago


There we goooo.. Some Jemi fluff. ++++++++++++++++++ Demi: Mason give it back! No don't go to Joe!! *Runs after him* Mason had Demi's bra in her hands and was running in er room, he runned to the livingroom where Joe was and trew it at him, laughing. Joe: *Catches it ; smirking* Demi: Give it, pleaseeee. Joe: Magic word? Demi: *Glares*  Joe: *Gives it back* Here, sweetie. Demi: Thanks, Joseph. *Walks away* Valen: Ohhhh, she's mad! Joe: Mad? Valen: She always looks like that when ahe's mad. *Giggles* Joe: Then i want her to be more mad often, 'cause she looks adorable. Mason: *Fakes gags* i hate love. Joe: Trust me, Mase. When you're older you LOVE it. *Smiles* Demi: *Walks in* Mason isn't getting a girlfriend, i'm his girlfriend. *Hugs him tight* Mason: Gross! *Tries to get out of her grip* A Joe: Ahum? I'm your boyfriend. *Pouts* Demi: *Smiles ; lets go of Mason* Yes you are. *Hugs him* Joe: Mmm.. I love your hugs.  Demi: *Whispers* Shhh.. There are kids in the room.  Joe: *Chuckles*  Valen & Mason: *Fake gagging* Demi: *Kisses his cheek ; then looks at Valen & Mason* Valen & Mason: *Smiling innocent* -Later that day- Joe and Demi were walking true the New York streets holdings hands and cuddling, they walke into Central Park and sat down on a bench. Joe: Can i ask you a personal question, Dems? Demi: That was random, but sure. *Looks at him* Joe: Are you a-a..  Demi: *Giggles* Virgin? Joe: *Nods ; blushes* Sorry, it's really embarresing. Demi: It's okay, yes i'm a virgin. And awww you're blushing! *Giggles* Joe: *Blushes more* This stays between is? Okay? Demi: Ofcourse, babeee. *Kisses his cheek* bjt are you? Joe: *Still blushing ; nods* Yes, i'm a virgin too. Demi: Awww, that's cute! Joe: People were making fun of me, because of it. Demi: Just ignore them, Your waiting for the right one. Joe: I'm not waiting anymore, i already found the right one. *Smiles* Demi: *Puts her hands by her eyes ; blushing deeply*  Joe: Awww baby.  Joe pulled her close and hugged her, he laughed when he saw her tomato red face. He pinched her cheeks. Demi: *Giggles* What are you doing?  Joe: You're so adorable. *Kisses her* Demi: *Kisses back ; holds his cheeks* Joe: *Holding her waist ; french kissing now* Demi *Slowly pulls away ; breathing heavily* Joe: *Chuckles*  Demi: You work out, i don't. *Giggles* Joe: I only jog, so why don't you jog with me? That means longer kissing. *Smirks* Demi: *Laughs* Shut up! Joe: *Laughing and hugs her* Don't be embarresing, baby. Demi: Baby? Seriously? Joe: Baby, Babe, honey, sweetie, beauty. Want more? Demi: No thank you. *Giggles* Joe: Do you get more texts? Demi: *Nods slowly ; bites her lips*  Joe: How much? Demi: one in the 2 hours.. Joe: Why didn't you tell me, Dems? Demi: S-Sorry.. Joe: *Feels bad ; holds her* Shhh.. Demi: I hate it so much.. How can i make it stop? Joe: Maybe we should change your number? Demi: *Nods slowly* Joe: Come on. *Smiles* They stood up and walked hand in hand to a mobile store. Joe held Demi close to him, he didn't want his girlfriend that he alrealy loved to be afraid. -That Night-  Demi was half asleep on her couch watching tv, she was feeling alone on her apartment she wanted to ask Joe over, but she was thinking that he may think that she was very clingy. She was about to sleep when her phone buzzed. She looked at it and widened her eyes, she stood up and ran to Joe's apartment and knocked loud on the door, 3 seconds later Joe opened the door tired also, but his face changed in a worried face when he saw his girlfriend crying and shaking, he took he in his arms and saw her phone, he was scared, he grabbed it and looked at it, and couldn't believe his eyes. "Don't think if your changed your number i wouldn't disturb you, i always get what i want." ----------------------- To Be Continue. 3+ COMMENTS FOR THE NEXT ONE!! Questions; 1. Any idea who it is? 2. Favorite part?  - emmy