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NCF Request to reveal the truth on depopulation AGENDA 21

2y ago


Depopulation Agenda 21 implemented from the Dutch Bilderberg Politics poisoned the whole world with high profits under the guise of "Sustainability" started official by signing the "Rio de Janeiro Protocol" in June 1992 under chairmanship of the Dutch environment minister Hans Alders (PvdA), after signing the "Kyoto Protocol", in April 1998 under the chairmanship of the Dutch Environment Minister Jan Pronk (PvdA) and the signature in South Africa during the durability Johannesburg conference in September 2002 under the chairmanship of the Dutch Environmental Minister Pieter van Geel (CDA). Nazi Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands asking to be Hitler's governor of the Netherlands, wat happened because the Dutch government together with the Head of State fled to England. According to the Dutch constitution of that moment, the occupiers official and legal adopted the Dutch state if they flee the country. From 18 may 1940 the Netherlands was the only state in the world within Hitler's cabinet. So the Netherlands became stealth a Nazi state, a Trojan horse within Europe by which Nazi's regime continue after the war. Therefore in 1946 the Permanent Court of International Justice ceased to exist, wherefore the Tribunal was replaced in a illegal from to service the New World Order. The fascists within America, the Union Banking Corporation (UBC) (Brown Brothers, Harriman, George Herbert Walker, Prescott Sheldon Bush) who funded Hitler through the Netherlands, Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart in Rotterdam (Fritz Thyssen ) must be officially involved in there European war. The Dutch submarine K-XVII discovered that the Japanese fleet was heading for Pearl Harbor. This was kept secret , so in the evening of December 7, 1941 the K XVII and Dutch crew was destroyed with permission of Queen Wilhelmina. The day after the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor the Dutch government in exile declared war on Japan, even before America and Britain. Two days after Japan surrendered, Soekarno announce the Republic of Indonesia. The Dutch State Commission knew that there would be a quick end to the Dutch colonial rule, and the Dutch Royal House and the State of the Netherlands would come in big financial trouble. As result there would be several amendments required to counteract a financial disaster. In 1953 the Dutch Constitution had a revision (article 60, the court is not present in the review of the constitutionality of laws and treaties that changed in 1983 into article 120). Which means, the court may not assess whether laws and treaties are consistent with the Constitution, 1954 Nazi Bernhard van Lippe-Biesterfeld establish the Bilderberg conference in the Netherlands along with Adolf Hitler's financiers from America, and once more jointly plan to take over Europe and America to implement there worldwide fascist dictatorship. The UN would transfer New Guinea to Indonesia with the result that in 1962 the last Dutch troops had to leave Indonesia by interference of Sukarno, John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy. The Joint Billiton Mining Company entered into liquidation thereby allowing Billiton and the royal family in to financial problems. On 21 April 1962 the Netherlands built shortcomings in the Pesticide Act and cleverly exploited this to its highly problematic hazardous waste, containing very high concentrations of highly toxic fully soluble in water carcinogens as arsenic acid and chromium (chromium VI), to sell these expensive as pesticide instead of saving at very high cost eternal. The Pesticides Act which ignores: - The adverse effects of these pesticides during the use phase and disposal phase; - And wherein the non-active chemicals, being other unknown very toxic, toxic, corrosive or hazardous substance (s) not need be mentioned on the label: Shortly thereafter In 1963 President John F. Kennedy joined an agreement with President Sukarno to realize funds to which the U.S. Treasury's could print own Treasury dollars ba...