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NBC's Sad Olympics: a PARODY by UCB's Horse + Horse

4y ago


Get your tissues ready because NBC has the 2012 Summer Olympics' human interest stories covered. The tragedies and pains of the world's greatest athletes - all on one network. And some sports too, sure. SUBSCRIBE: Check out more videos from Horse + Horse: Director: Moujan Zolfaghari DP/Editor:Chris Chuang Writers: Kristy Lopez-Bernal & Moujan Zolfaghari Producer: Moujan Zolfaghari Sound: Kent Kincannon With: Johnathan Fernandez, Jackie Jennings, Matt Mayer, Joanna Bradley Featuring: Ben Rameaka (VO) - All sad footage from NBC's Olympic coverage Brought to you by UCB Comedy. Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: