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chuck hayes

chuck hayes

NBA 2K12 My Player Playoffs SFG2 - Foul Trouble

4y ago


SFG2 = Semi Finals Game 2 If you missed game 1 click here I knew this game would be full of cheese when I saw that Eminem music intro. Is it just my myth or do they cheese you really hard when that music is in the intro? I only got to play 16 minutes because of the foul trouble. 1:15 Jason Terry dunk out of character! Foul #1 2:47 Oop from the post! 3:13 Silly Foul #2 3:30 Shot clock abuse followed by Lee poster 4:00 Foul #3 up and under abuse 5:35 Foul #4 is cheese 6:15 Chuck Hayes and1? Is this a fake video? 6:40 Foul #5 Unbelievable cheese! 7:26 Splash for the lead! 9:56 Terry sinks a deep 3