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chuck hayes

chuck hayes

NBA 2K12 My Player Playoffs NFG3 - It Doesn't Matter

4y ago


NFG3 = NBA Finals Game 3 If you missed game 2 click here! Does it matter that we're playing on the road in game 3? 2:00 Chuck Hayes offensive rebound and assist 2:15 Spun off Rose for a reverse slam 3:44 Splash 3:59 Floater over 2 defenders 4:10 Boozer gets blocked 4:57 Bosh shot clock cheese 3 pointer 5:09 Another floater 5:40 Smoove 2 Smoove 7:40 J Smoove swats Boozer again 8:29 Smoove 2 Smoove again 9:28 Boozer gets blocked twice in a row 9:56 I take a charge on a fast break 10:40 Easy 2 points backdoor oop 11:04 Boozer gets swatted again!!!!! 11:20 Cut back door on Rose 11:48 Press Conference question fail