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i will

Nathan Oliver Wills | I love you

4y ago


Nathan, I love you. Show your love Hi everyone, my name is Sara Parker and I'm a Battle Royale finalist. I had plans for a fun, crazy campaign video but in light of recent events I will no longer compete for the grand prize. Nathan passed away last Friday and I simply cannot focus on campaigning right now. However, August 5th would have been his 31st birthday and as a tribute - and to show my support to his family - I would like to gain as many votes as possible on that day. In case I would win the daily price, I would donate the money to his family. The Youtube community was really important to Nathan and I would like to see it come together in order to bring a final salute to Nathan. My fellow finalists, I would like to ask you to not campaign on August 5th, Nathan's birthday. I'm not asking for a lot and I won't compete on any other day. It would mean a lot to me if we could win the daily prize for Nathan and support his family with it. If you decide to vote, make sure to do so in the right time frame. Please check the list for details on when to vote. You can vote 10 times a day, each day. US West Coast: 12 PM (5th) - 12 PM (6th) US East Coast: 03 PM (5th) - 03 PM (6th) UK: 08 PM (5th) - 08 PM (6th) Europe: 09 PM (5th) - 09 PM (6th) Eastern Europe: 10 PM (5th) - 10 PM (6th) China + Australia (Perth): 03 AM (6th) - 03 AM (7th) Japan: 04 AM (6th) - 04 AM (7th) Australia (Sydney, Melbourne): 05 AM (6th) - 05 AM (7th) Music Track "Aurora" by Nathan Oliver Wills