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Nate Irving vs Georgia Tech (2010)

4y ago


Nate Irving (#56) vs Georgia Tech highlights/lowlights Nate Irving was lined up as the MLB all game. Pros: Decent athlete. Outstanding production.. 21 TFL this year alone. Plays with great intensity and motor on the field.. emotional leader for his defense. Great work ethic on and off the field. Has an awesome story.. survived a devastating car accident only to play football a year later. Had a collapsed lung, broken rib, separated shoulder, and a fracture in his leg. Phenomenal comeback. Intangibles are very good. Very instinctive... diagnoses the action extremely well and attacks plays aggressively. Reads plays incredibly fast.. able to beat the blocker at the point and make the tackle. Flashes the ability to be a very physical overall tackler.. can get low drive people back after contact, plays with a mean streak. Very good lateral agility - takes good angles and makes the tackle. Okay at getting through traffic. Flashes the ability to slip and avoid blockers to make the play. Good balance to avoid cut blocks. Good short area burst.. but only flashes this when he makes plays with his instincts. Nice overall hustle and motor. Decent in coverage.. makes good reads in zone coverage as he can read the QB and anticipate the flow of the play.. good instincts in coverage for the most part. Very good blitzer.. reads blocking schemes well and nice closing speed. A little bit of an overall sleeper.. draft status could rise with a good combine and pro day. Cons: Played in a very aggressive system that involved a lot of twisting, stunting, and blitzing by their front 7 which slighly padded his TFL stats ; some plays were designed to free up LBs to make plays behind the line. Sack stat is also misleading... majority of them came on blitz packages or broken plays as well. Needs to be freed of no blockers to be effective - consistently struggles disengaging and moving through trash when blockers are around him.. can get caught in traffic easily. Will get engulfed by blockers and washed out of the play when he doesn't avoid them. Leverage and use of hands are very poor by NFL standards. Is very instinctive, but sometimes lacks the athleticism to finish his plays... only an above average athlete. Prefers to drag down his man by the ankle when tackling.. needs to be consistently more explosive in this area. Can go for the highlight hit and overpursue. Simply very inconsistent overall when engaging with blockers.. might merit a move to the outside in the NFL where he can use his instincts to read plays and evade blockers in space instead of trying to shift around trash and negate through blockers. Can be tricked by playaction. Purely limited to a 4-3 scheme. Has struggled in man coverage.. might not be capable of running with TEs and doesnt have elite speed. Not a lot of upside.. not a great athlete. NFL Teams: (Buffalo Bills 25%, Baltimore Ravens 25%, New Orleans Saints 25%, New York Giants 10%, Philedelphia Eagles 10%, New England Patriots 5%) NFL Comparison: EJ Henderson - Moves and glides similar to EJ Henderson. Both possess great diagnosis ability and lateral agility. Both have a habit of making plays in the backfield.