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in a dream

in a dream

Natacha Atlas - Mon amie la rose lyrics

4y ago



Natasha Atlas - Mon amie la rose Lyrics on english ...... Music & lyrics: Cécile Caulier Translation: Béatrice Curtis We are truly insignificant And that's what my friend the rose Told me this morning I was born at dawn Baptized in dew I blossomed In the rays of the sun Happy and in love I closed my petals at night And when I awoke I was old. Yet I had been beautiful Yes, I was the most beautiful Of all the flowers in your garden See, the God that made me Now makes me bow my head And I feel I'm falling My heart is almost bare I have a foot in my grave Already I am nothing You admired me only yesterday And I shall be dust Forever, tomorrow We are truly insignificant And my friend the rose Died this morning Last night the moon Kept vigil over my friend And in a dream I saw Her soul, dancing Dazzling and naked, Above the heavens, Smiling on me. Let those who can, believe But I need Hope Or else I am nothing i DON´T own this song this is a fan video and tnx for the correction !!! ...