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Naseem Hamed vs Jose Badillo 28th of 37

4y ago


Hamed's 28th bout the WBO World Featherweight Championship (Age 23 Fights 27 Won 27 Lost 0 Drawn 0) vs. Jose Badillo from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico (Age 27 Fights 21 Won 20 Lost 1 Drawn 0) Oct. 11 1997 loc. Sheffield, Yorkshire, United Kingdom TKO 7 Hamed's one of the most entertaining fight. Round 5 - he shows such stuff as a born-winner made on. Round 7 Badillo's corner stops the bout,probably Badillo never argued with that. In the interview Hamed is having fun with his next opponent the former WBC-Champion Kevin Kelley. Hamed's 29th bout :