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mars rover

mars rover

NASA's Mars Rover Curiosity Has Finally Touched Down On Mars

1y ago


1. Rosario Dawson and Danny Boyle hooking up. 2. Researchers can tell your sexual orientation by studying your pupils. 3. NASA's Mars Rover Curiosity has touched down on Mars. 4. Hot People of the Week: Oscar Pistorius & T'erea Brown 5. British man makes and sends out 4th place medals to all runner-up Olympians. 6. Usain Bolt got the gold and set a new Olympic record. Camera-Op and Edited by Daniel Kwan (@DanielKwan1) MAIN CHANNEL: BLOOPERS & BTS CHANNEL: GAMER CHANNEL: WEBSITE: MERCHANDISE: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: TUMBLR: JKNews, Justkiddingfilms, JKF, entertainment, celebrity, gossip, hollywood, comedy, unscripted, improv, cute, puppy, sexual, orientation, olympic, netherlands, field, hockey, team, 2012, news, mars, curiosity, NASA, rosario, dawson, danny, boyle, oscar, pistorius, t'erea, brown, hottie, usain, bolt, record