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live forever

live forever

Nas- Cherry Wine (feat Amy Winehouse) [+"Troubled life of Amy Winehouse" in PDF]

1y ago


For downloading the ebook "The troubled life of Amy Winehouse" (PDF) please follow this link: For downloading this song in MP3 format click this link: Please share this book and let people know about how twisted Amy's life was! R.I.P. Amy! Fan's reaction after reading the book: DUDE says: "A troubled soul who was a brilliant and talented artist. She sang the blues with all the pain that the blues represent. How tragic an ending to chaotic psychotic life fueled by addiction and self loathing. The pain is over now, the self destruction is put to rest with Amy's battered, neglected and abused body. She has blessed us with some painfully insightful music that will live forever. And after a few decades they won't remember the lost, scared young lady who somehow couldn't find the way back, who played out her addictions in public (maybe this was her cry for help) for all the world to see, who was a slave to her self destruction. In a few decades her music will be there resonating the pain and despair that the blues must have to be legit and that small but powerful body of work will live forever. Sadly she has now been rocketed to the status as Legendary because of her death but much the way Amy rocketed to success but also because her music was worthy of a legend. I choose to remember the artist for the art they shared with me rather than the path that her self destruction took. Rest in Peace Amy Winehouse ... tell Janis, Jimi, Brian Jones, Kurt, Otis, Buddy, Michael Jackson, Tupac, Biggie, John Bonham, Bon Scott, John Lennon, Lisa Lopez, we miss them and thanks for the music!! R.I.P. AMY WINEHOUSE" ABOUT THIS SONG: One new track from the future album of Nas, this one featuring Amy Whinehouse. Cherry Wine it will be included in the next album NAS - LIFE IS GOOD, that will appear on july 17 and contains featurings with Drake, Rick Ross, MAry J Blije and Swizz Beatz. Salaam Reimi is the one that get this track produces and he also produced many track of the most regreted Amy Winehouse. About how Cherry Wine was made it, Nas said: Salaam Reimi worked on her last album, and they were working," he shared how the song came about." "We don't even have an explanation for how it happened. It was just magic. It just happened. It was supposed to happen. She made it happen." He also said that God and Amy was responsable for this song. Stay tune for the Life is Good - Nas's album release on july 17th! I don't own rights for this music, it's just an Nas and Amy's fan music clip!