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Nabi Tablet: OS 1.1 Update- Some Cool New Features! :)

4y ago


This video highlights some of the pretty neat new features available on the Nabi tablet, via the newly released software update, OS 1.1. One of them being smoother scrolling in Kids Mode! This to me made a huge difference! We love it! You can easily zip right though the pages of apps with no lag, and no frustration for the little ones! Another good feature is the addition of the Ad Blocker. Kids can no longer link out to websites via the ads in third party, ad-supported apps! Yay! This was a big concern with most parents, and the Nabi Cares team quickly made note of it, and addressed it! :) The ability to have multiple kids accounts on one parental account/registered to one email, is also part of this update. This makes it much easier to keep track of each child's progression in Fooz University, and allows easier purchasing and installing of apps, as you would only have to purchase each app once, and easily install it on the other kids' Nabis. Another feature from the update, probably one of my favorites, is the ability to customize the Content in the Fooz Kids apps! The websites, videos, games, crafts, etc. You can remove some of the content from the lists, and or add your own. With the addition of the "My Channel" feature, you can make selections such as favorite websites (Nick, games (online games), and videos (powered by Youtube). Let's take the Videos for instance, you can search for anything on YouTube, favorite character shows, music videos, family home videos uploaded to Youtube,, and add them to your child's channel. Now when he or she opens their Video app on the Fooz Kids page, he/she will see the "My Channel" option, and all his or her favorite videos, or home movies you uploaded to YouTube, are right there! On Their very own Nabi! They can easily get to all their favorites videos without having to search for them! We LOVE this feature. What a good way for a child to carry his or her family around with them wherever they go! There are other minor improvements and bug fixes, but I just wanted to highlight some of the obvious ones, that I thought were really cool! :) To Update your Nabi Tablet, please visit, and download the update to a MicroSD card, via your PC. To customize your child's avatar, and make changes to their Fooz Kids content on their Nabi, please visit, and sign in to the Parental Dashboard with your Nabi account. For any questions, or concerns, please visit Nabi's Facebook page, where you will find support, how to videos, FAQs, and get answers from the Nabi Community, Nabi Fan-a-techs, and of course, the Nabi Cares Support team themselves! Visit the page often for news on their upcoming software updates, new accessories, and new merchandise! Come be part of our ever growing Nabi Online Community, where We Care! :D