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NAAM "STARCHILD" DIRECTED BY ZEV DEANS PANORAMA PROGRAMMING © 2012 NAAM'S "BALLAD OF THE STARCHILD" EP IS AVAILABLE AT: The director dedicates this video to Richard C. Hoagland & Jack Whiteside Parsons "Ad Astra per Aspera" DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: JACQUELINE CASTEL PRODUCER & 2ND CAMERA: JAY KING STARRING: NAAM (JOHN BUNDY, RYAN HAMILTON, ELI PIZZUTO, JOHN WEINGARTEN) AND INTRODUCING, in order of appearance: SAVANNAH (courtesy of TALONS! a Bird of Prey Experience. SAM ANDOE as HORUS & OSIRIS ELISE COKER as ISIS CHUCK BERRETT as SET FALCONRY: TALON SKYE & LORRIE SCHUMACHER MAKE UP: LEILANI SUNGLAO MAKE UP ASSISTANT: LUCILLE BIGNOM HENNA TATTOO: AKIYO OGURA ( ON SITE PHOTOGRAPHER & GENERAL ASS-KICKER: MAX WARMBRODT ASTROLOGICAL CONSULTATION: SAM ANDOE CREATIVE GUIDANCE: ELISE COKER HEADRESSES FOR ISIS & OSIRIS: JACQUELINE CASTEL PRODUCTION, EDITING, COSTUMES, MINIATURES, TAROT CARDS, CGI, & PYRAMID AMP DESIGN: ZEV DEANS FILMED ON LOCATION AT SAM'S POINT PRESERVE. CRAGSMOOR, NEW YORK. ENDLESS THANKS TO HEIDI WAGNER AT THE NATURE CONSERVANCY & ZIGGY AT SAM'S POINT! CRYSTALS AND MINERALS PROVIDED BY CAM'S CRYSTALS: EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS TO JACQUELINE CASTEL, JAY KING, SAM & ELISE, KAREN PAPERNO, SEAN BERMAN & CHRIS RICE EXTRA EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL WHO SUPPORTED US ON KICKSTARTER!!! KICKSTARTER BACKERS: Jesse Lindmar, Drew Hamilton Susan Hunt Gary Hamilton Ray D'Antuono Jeff Olive Holly Kowalski Innis Yosef Kislin Jonas Dalacorte Michaelene Albert Sam Hill Skelling Tom kyle mosholder Paul Galis Chris Steffen Ryland Fox Jimmy Gordon Nathaniel Loman AJ Annunziata Brandon Eaker Jon Christiansen David Castillo Kimberly Angela Marsh Sicknacco Susan Kowalski Geraldine Andy Sutton James Stobie Bruce Yarnall Todd Ingram Jake Vinson Long-winded history lesson for anyone with too much time on their hands: Here, we have an ancient egyptian myth told in three acts. It is laden with symbology that aludes to the egyptian constellation of OSIRIS (Orion), the star of ISIS (Sirius), and of course HORUS (Earth). We see the three acts led by three Crowleyan tarot cards: The Moon, The Hanged Man, & The Aeon. Aleister Crowley, obsessed with Egyptian symbology and convinced that he himself would one day produce a MOONCHILD, an antichrist conceived via ritual sex magik, had a rarely talked-about influence on NASA at its inception. He was the mentor and occult teacher of Jack Parsons, the inventor of solid-fuel Rocket Propulsion and founder of Jet Propulsion Labs. NASA was formed out of two camps: Parsons' occult Egyptian and Luciferian worshipping rocket scientists on one side and Werner Von Braun and his band of smuggled Nazi scientists on the other. The entire Apollo Mission was ran by an egyptian, Dr. Farouk El-Baz. His carefully plotted launching and lunar landing coordinates for the Apollo missions were precisely aligned to the position of celestial bodies of ancient mythical significance. STARCHILD, then, refers to Horus, the son of ISIS and OSIRIS. He is born of the gods above, but he reigns on Earth (As above so below, the crowleyan 6-pointed star). The story goes that OSIRIS was killed by his brother SET, only to be resurrected by ISIS long enough so she could be inseminated by his reclaimed golden member. This birthed HORUS who later grew to avenge his father and kill SET.