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space odyssey

space odyssey

A(n almost) True Story

4y ago


Video piece number 30. Made in 2012 instead of doing the housework in Inverness. For non commercial purposes only. Made with plasticine and Sylvanian Families furniture, this stop motion short is a tribute to my Grandpa John Crook and my cat Curtis who both died earlier in 2012. The plot is based on a story, told by my Dad at my Grandpa's funeral. Seemingly, during WW2, my Grandpa was stationed out in the desert somewhere. He and his fellow soldiers were camped out on the sand and it was very uncomfortable sleeping. One morning, my Grandpa woke early and could see something shimmering in the distance in the rising sunlight. Certain it was gold or some other valuable treasure, he walked a few miles out to where it was and discovered a partially buried brass bed frame. He subsequently proceeded to excavate it out fully and drag it all the way back to camp. He then strung wire across it and slept on it for the remainder of his time there. It's a wonderful story. I was sad that i never heard it straight from him (he was famed for his outlandish tales (as is any grandfather i suppose)) I took a bit of artistic license on my interpretation and included Curtis the cat because i am a sentimentalist at heart. In my mind, they are not dead, just still out in the desert (at least they have each other for company) KUBRICK REFERENCE: Jock sleeps under a cinema ticket for 2001: A Space Odyssey