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MyMusic: Sitcom Version #2 (w/ NEW Scenes! Eps 6-12 Combined)

2y ago


4 NEW SHOWS Every Week Subscribe today! Join the MyMusic community! Click here for all episodes of the MyMusic Sitcom - Facebook: Twitter: Google+ - Website: SEND US STUFF: MyMusic P.O. BOX 4324 Valley Village, CA 91617-4324 Every several weeks, the web series episodes of MyMusic are combined to form a TV length sitcom episode, allowing for multiple ways to watch and re-watch the show! If you are new to the show or know someone who has not watched yet, you can catch up watching the web series or this 30 minute version to be ready for the next all new episode next Sunday. If you've watched the episodes before, please support MyMusic by showing you would watch a TV length version of the show, it is important to show this long form show is something you want! Plus see how many changes/different and new scenes you can spot in this version! There are several never before released scenes! Weekly set list on the MyMusic Channel: SUNDAYS- MyMusic Main Show (Every several weeks, episodes combine for a TV length experience) MONDAYS- MyMusic LIVE! FULL HOUR of LIVE entertainment at 5PM Eastern/2pm Pacific WEDNESDAYS- MyMusic News- An interactive show filling you on current music news and videos. FRIDAYS - The Mosh - The staff of MyMusic answer your questions and get to know all of you! This episode featured music from "Driftless Pony Club" Check out their latest music video! MyMusic, is a transmedia music production company that has returned to the web after a hiatus when shut down. The company is now back and bigger than ever and have opened their doors to a film crew to document their day to day. Tune in for the documentary every Sunday, and stick around all week long to see the company in action as they produce live shows, music news, interactive shows, music videos, concerts and performances from music artists of all kinds, and more, all year long. We here at MyMusic invite you not just to watch... but ENGAGE! If you are a music artist in the Los Angeles area and would like to appear on our live show, e-mail Techno & Dubstep at MyMusicBooking at gmail dot com Opening theme song: "House of 1982 Built Like a Ship" by Driftless Pony Club MyMusic Long Form Episode #2 MyMusic Sitcom Episode #2 MyMusic TV Length Version #2 TAGS: MyMusic, My Music, Music, MyMusicShow, My Music Show, pilot, sitcom, episode two, Indie, Idol, Hip Hop, Metal, Scene, web series, comedy, social media, experience, thefinebros, fine brothers, music video, back in black, shane dawson, olga kay, guess, TV, television, tv show, televis © MyMusic 2012 © Fine Brothers Productions 2012