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july 5th

july 5th

"My Tribute To Floyd Cramer" (By Jeffrey Jiles).wmv

1y ago


"My Tribute To Floyd Cramer" was written by Jeffrey Jiles. He has been playing the piano since he was 3 years old. He plays the same piano-style as Floyd Cramer. He wants to keep Floyd Cramer's memory, and piano-style alive for the people that remember him. Floyd Cramer's piano-style inspired him at a young age. He has been working on his style for many years. He also plays all styles of music - Easy Listening, Jazz, Country, Pop, Blues, Gospel and ect. When He preforms Live He is able to duplicate his music with his system! He also has played events for: President Gerald Ford, Jerry Lewis, Mia Farrow, Rock Hudson, Glen Ford, Jerry Van Dyke, Becky Hobbs, From Hee Haw, and her husband Duane Sciacqua, lead Guitar for Rodney Atkins. He also Closed Concert for Peggy Lee at the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas. He opened for Michael Martin Murphey in Lake City Colorado June 30th & July 1st 2008, July 1st & 2nd 2009 and September 4th 2010. Recently he opened for Pam Tillis July 5TH 2011 in Lake City Colorado. Hope you enjoy his music.