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My Towns Got (updated) by JUMBO TRAIN - Dennis Kalichuk

2y ago


Very unofficial (lol) theme song for St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada... home base for Canadian artist and singer-songwriter Dennis Kalichuk (Jumbo Train). See Jumbo Train live, Saturday May 26 along with Kalichuk's 26th Annual Art Show, at St. Anne's Centre, St. Thomas. Details on the Jumbo Train web site... My Town's Got lyrics: MY TOWN'S GOT Copyright Dennis Kalichuk- Jumbo Train 2012 My town's got heart and soul My town's got rock 'n roll My town's got beautiful people My towns' got a purple steeple My town's got a railway station My town's got no trains My town's got a radio station A little airport -- and little planes (x2) My town's got a burned down college My town's got a little less knowledge My town's got a Jumbo statue My town likes a pachyderm barbeque My town's got Friday night fights My town's got new traffic lights My town's got a pretty cool Mayor And a real live NHL -- hockey player (x2) My town's got Lake Margar-et Can't fish or swim in-it My town's got Pinafore Park Kids doin' it there after dark My town's got closed down factories My town's got sweet love stories My town's got a movie star A short skirt dance club -- and a good sports bar (x2) Cold winters -- hot girls One shopping mall -- 59 coffee shops Ppppp-pawn shops -- pppppp-pizza A big court house -- little criminals Free parking lots -- expensive taxis An old fashioned newspaper -- a modern bypass We got -- we got -- we got -- we got -- we got....... A Walmart.