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the heartbreak

the heartbreak

My Top 15 Mariah Carey Songs

2y ago


PLZ READ DESCRIPTION this video i made is of MY top 15 mariah carey songs! the top 5 are definitely my favs for sure but since i love all her songs it was hard to be exact which ones i would pick to be # 15, 14 ect. actually this vid was suppose to be my top 20 mariah carey songs, but the video trailed on to long and since that i wasn't able to post it, so i cut it down to top 15. sorry if some of its messed up i'm not very good at making videos like this. so i hope you like it and here are the list of songs!!:) 15-there for me 14-forever 13-i am free 12-i dont wanna cry 11-my all 10-bringin on the heartbreak 9-when i saw you 8-love takes time 7-and you don't remember 6-just to hold you once again 5-everything fades away 4-all i've ever wanted 3-through the rain 2-whenever you call 1-looking in!!!:) my fav song 4 ever!! love this song!:) (all the photos i got from google)