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dare to dream

dare to dream

My name is...Human! (Με λένε...Άνθρωπο)

4y ago


Script Serafeim Ntousias Director Serafeim Ntousias Actor Patrickios Costis Director of Photography Kostas Zymarakis Composer George Papalazaridis Singer George Papalazaridis Make up artist George Akrivos Editor Serafeim Ntousias Script Eirini Kostara A young man decides to move to Athens upon completing his studies in Thessaloniki. He’s just a young person who tries to go after his dreams and build his life and future! Not being able to afford anything better, he rents a small flat in the center of Athens where he comes face to face with the harsh reality. He is unable to find a job; humanity is lost! So he makes the decision of using his amateur camera to interview himself! The double personality of this young man is recorded frame by frame by the camera lens. On the one hand we see the sensitive side of a young boy, who misses his parents and friends and feels wounded by society. On the other hand we see an enraged young man who sees all the politicians who rule this country making the calls regarding his future without anyone asking him about what kind of future he would like to live in! A monologue, performed by Patroikios Kostis, which aims to draw the attention of the public, to pose questions and give food for thought to young people who dare to dream.