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1y ago

Description for the scarves visit : my facebook : Asmaa is an internationally prolific fashion designer of a Moroccan berber and Arab heritage. SHe is most widely known as the new creative ASMAA SCARVES " creator , and best known for being a muslim hijab designer ,Asmaa is also known as a moroccan Youtube Hijab Guru ,that resides in the united states of america , she is a contributing editor of several DIY ,Vlogs,Sewing ,film making ,daawa and the art of the hijab wrap , she is an inspiring abaya designer that uses Moroccan ,khaleeji and Bollywood theme. Asmaa has been sketching since the age of 3 , she has been called creative , talented,and the Hijab ambassador . she loves Daawa ,creative comedian daawa videos , film making , and fashion .She s also a mother and a wife .