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My 25k-ft Tandem HALO Jump Video-Version 2

4y ago


I did a tandem HALO jump from 25,000 feet in July 2011. I had edited and uploaded a short clip in 2011, but finally went back and re-edited the footage slightly to make it a little better (hopefully). Details: Exit altitude: 25k ft, free-fall time: ~1.5 minutes, O2 on bail-out bottle, two-way comm in mask, GoPro camera on wrist mount (which I did not control very well - ended up with a lot of footage of the drogue chute). The jump was a great experience (my 15th jump, 4th tandem), and I will go back to do the 25kft HAHO that was cancelled due to inclement weather. Thanks go to Joint Services Special Operations Group/ for a really cool experience!