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new muslims

new muslims

Muslim Salafi Sheikhs in are urging that the burning Coptic Churches & killing Christians in Egypt

4y ago


Muslim Salafi Sheikhs in Egypt are urging that the burning the Coptic Churches & killing Christians in Egypt -Urging to burn the Coptic Orthodox Churches in Imbaba,Giza-Egypt!! 1-The Urging Sheikh Abu Yahya Moftah Fadil says:Egyptian church is not interested in law and considers itself above the law, andrefuse to to deal with the law. 2-The Urging Sheikh Mohammed Abd Al-Malek Al-Zughbi (Islamist commander gathered around Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate in Cairo) says:I swear of Allah (3)....Will be announced in the mosques in the TV channels I came out with all of you to break into the churches and monasteries in Egypt....Allahu Akbar... 3-The Urging Sheikh Husam al-Bukhaari (Instigator Islamists to break into Churches Embaba) Says:How does this happen in the country of al-Azhar? How does this happen in Cairo, capital of the minaret of the 1000? How does this happen in a Muslim country like Egypt?!! 4-The Urging Sheikh Mamdouh Salama-Lawyer of the Muslim Brotherhood & a member of the terrorist Jihad organization Islamic. 5- The Urging Sheikh Khaled Harby-Director of the Islamic Observatory Network (El-Marsad Al-Islamy Network). 6-The Urging Sheikh Hafez Salamah-The biggest instigator and leader of the Islamic terrorist Jihadi uprisings against Christians in Egypt. 7-The Urging Mahmoud Al-Kaood-Writer in the Islamic Observatory Network (El-Marsad Al-Islamy Network). 8-The Urging Sheikh Hisham Kamal-General Coordinator of the Movement of the new Muslims. Says: We will kill Christians and get to them in their homes, even if we waited much time we will send them to kill them. 9-The Urging Sheikh Ashraf Abu-Anas-The main instigator of the burning St.Virgin Mary Coptic Orthodox Church in Al Wahda Street-Imbaba-Giza. Says: Shooting Christian dogs, a Muslim entered the Church in his hand a stone!!We will not be a Real men if we will not burn all churches in Embaba....!!!