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running down a dream

running down a dream

Music Business Career - Making forward motion happen.

2y ago


- - - - Music Business Career - Making forward motion happen when you are stuck standing still. LW Music Consulting YouTube Video. When it comes to creating forward motion for your music business career or career in the music business, are you moving even when you are standing still or stuck? Two many going after music business careers complain there isn't enough time in the day to do what they need to do. Yet, these are the exact same people that will post on Facebook or Twitter how bored they are doing laundry or how they are stuck waiting on this or waiting on that. Like the Tom Petty song goes, its about Running down a dream and not letting it pass you by. If you are stuck at a laundromat, why not write a blog, why not do some research for a new gig, an additional music review or a new contact? Maybe some band or music advertising? If a career in music is what you truly want, then you have to find the time to do the work that is required. The business is going to play a role so if you can work on your music business career while at the same time doing your laundry or any other task that doesn't require all your attention, it can be a good thing. As a college speaker, I ask many students who claim they don't have the time about their schedules, and more often than not, those that truly want it, truly need music and the dream, will find the time or adjust the time to go after it. And you can ask your self for about your time management. If you have the time to repost all the silly videos, quotes, do your shares, your likes and all that other social media fun stuff, maybe you have the time to put in to your music business career online as far as social media promotion goes or any type of music advertising. Think about your day, your week and your dreams. You have the time to do what you need to, even if in small bursts, it just comes down to the ones that are committed to make their music business careers actually become a sustaining, successful reality. LW ---------------------- Music Consultant, Music Producer & Music Coach Loren Weisman works to help, assist & consult independent artists, musicians, bands, labels & managers to achieve sustainable success. For more on LW's speaking, music consulting, music coaching or other services, visit: ‪‬