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the legend

the legend

MUNRUTHEL 2012 "Epoch of Aquarius" - Teaser

4y ago


Third album of MUNRUTHEL became nowadays a classic of Ukrainian Folk Pagan Metal. Released in 2006 and quietly sold out this masterpiece of Slavonic Pagan Art is now revived. From a legend of Ukrainian underground, Vladislav "Munruthel" Redkin, this great album consisting of unbelievable folkloristic colors, technical solos and folk instruments makes glory and pride of Ukrainian Pagan Metal! Re-edition comes in two versions, both with completely new artwork and special bonus tracks: 1) jewelcase CD with cover version of Dead Can Dance's "Black Sun" (Gardarika Musikk edition); 2) deluxe digipack with cover version of Burzum's "Tomhet" (Svarga Music edition). Made by the legend of Ukrainian Metal Scene - Vladislav "Munruthel" Redkin - who is known for his works with NOKTURNAL MORTUM, ASTROFAES, LUCIFUGUM etc. Release dates: 06.08.2012 (World) 10.08.2012 (Western Europe) More info: | This release is exclusively distributed by Code7/PHD (UK & Worldwide), Rock Inc/Bertus (BeNeLux) and TWS-Music (Germany, Austria). Official distribution by Australis Records (Chile), Casus Belli Musica (Russia), Dead Shop (Ukraine), Fono (C.I.S.), My Kingdom Music (Italy), The End Records (U.S.A.) and others.