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queen latifah

queen latifah

Ms. Melodie dead - Boogie Down Productions Rap Artist dies..(Ms Melodie dead.. recap (gg) news

4y ago


Rapper Ms. Melodie Of Boogie Down Productions Dead thoughts / recap / review this is a news story.. According to reports the rapper known as Ms. Melodie, (born Ramona Parker) has died. She was the ex-wife of rapperKRS-ONE and was a member of Boogie Down Productions according to reports... Ms. Melodie released her first single in 1988 called "Hype According to Ms. Melodie" and one album, Diva in 1989 on Jive Records. Her video "Live On Stage" was one of her biggest hits and she made a memorable appearance on the 1989 single "Self Destruction" and has a cameo in Queen Latifah's video "Ladies First." Rapper Ms. Melodie Of Boogie Down Productions Dead.. Boogie Down Productions Rapper Ms. Melodie Dies thoughts R.I.P Ms Melodie This is a news story their is no footage of ms melodie in this video only thoughts... I edited the thumbnail myself.