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Mountain - Long Red (1969)

2y ago


Mountain - Live The Road Goes Ever On Live (1972) recorded at Woodstock Festival, Bethel, New York, August 16, 1969 Personnel: Steve Knight (keyboards) Corky Laing (drums) Felix Pappalardi (vocals, bass) Leslie West (guitar, vocals) + N.D. Smart II (drums) This is one of the great 70's live albums right up there with the likes of live at Leeds. Sadly we have not been blessed with an extended version yet but what you get is fantastic. Without a drought Mountains finest moment was Netuka sleighride a killer track which got a pretty good work out on the album of the same name...however here it is extended to perfection. West is possible the most underrated of the guitar hero's a larger than life character with a massive body and appetite for drugs he is a survivor. Felix sadly was executed by his wife , who's other claim to fame was writing many of the bands lyrics and dressing Felix horrible according to Les West. Corky Lang is a far more intelligent drummer than most in the same league as Ginger Baker. Whilst Knight is as professional as Bundrick and as skilled to boot. The comparisons with Cream are inevitable and its fair to say that at their best Moutain were the better band. Check out West Bruce and Lang if you like this material. As it is this is the best of all of Mountains live records even if the recording is a little lacking by today's standard. The Road goes on forever is a true classic and one record you should own. (by Marion Hoare)