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Motorcycle Review: Hofia Sunday 250MB

4y ago


There are many strange motorcycles running around Panama that won't be found in the U.S. when I can get my hands on one I'll make a review about it. The Hofai Sunday 250MB is a Chinese copy of the 3 wheeled motorcycle built by Can-Am. As with most Chinese built motorcycles it isn't that great. Around 50kph the bike became very unstable. It's possible this problem could be fixed by making sure the alignment is correct, I don't know. The cost of this bike is around $6000. It has a 250cc motor. Automatic transmission with reverse. And for having 2 disk brakes up front is fairly bad at stopping. But my biggest problem with any 3 wheeled bike is that they corner flat. Taking a sharp turn on this or the Can-am feels like the bike is trying to throw you off. Cornering is the best part of riding a motorcycle, feeling like you are one with the machine is what I love most about riding. So until Can-am can come up with a 3 wheeled tilting design for the Chinese to copy you won't see one of these in my driveway.