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Mother - Farewell Song by Kristina Kanders

4y ago


Download the song: More info: Dedicated with gratitude and lots of appreciation to my mom, and all the women in the world, who gave us the most precious gift of all: our LIFE! Music & Lyrics © Kristina Kanders 2009 If you like this please share this link! Subscribe to my Youtube channel, leave a comment. "like" it - I really appreciate your support! This song was released in 2010 on the Album "Say Something" by Kristina Kanders. To purchase please visit or iTunes. Mother All motherly love, all mother all love, all motherly love all mothers we love She gives life we love her forever she does what she does because she has to she is mother Sad mother, happy mother strong mother, weak mother young mother, old mother All motherly love, all mother all love, all motherly love all mothers we love Now that she's gone we love her forever and we do what we do because we have to she is mother singing mother, silent mother this song is for you earthly mother, eternal mother all motherly love all mother all love all motherly love all mothers we love Special thanks to all called Mother, Mommy, Mutti, Mama, Mutter, Madre, Mère, Mor, Moeder, Matka, Mãe, Moder, 母親, 어머니, Мати, 姆妈,מוטער, 阿媽, Mamma, mum, mummy! Produced on Apple's MacBook Pro with Logic, iMovie First released 2010 on the album "Say Somethinig" by Kristina Kanders Procuced by Bernd Gast and Kristina Kanders Soprano Sax: Dirk Raulf Vibraphone: Tom Lorenz All other instruments: Kristina Kanders