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More Quick and Simple Life Hacks - Part 3

1y ago


Lots more Awesome, Gnarly, and Easy Tips and Tricks that yo stank ass could never think of. In this video we show you how to: 1) Get crystal clear digital TV reception 2) Refresh your toothbrush 3) Create sunglasses from 3D glasses and a magic marker 4) Clean dishes with no dish soap 5) Create toilet paper from a sock 6) Fix a broken action figure 7) Erase the contents of ANY cassette! 8) Soften your underwear in the dryer 9) Recharge your printer ink cartridge 10) Extend your USB cord 11) Double your money, easily! GAMING CHANNEL - Please Like, Share & Subscribe!! Wassup ya'll it's ya boy Lulu! TWITTER - FACEBOOK - Google Plus -- SEND ME STUFF Polar Barra Productions P.O. Box 140216 Gainesville, FL 32614-2851 This video was filmed with a Canon Rebel T3i and edited in Sony Vegas Movie Studio 11.0 Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod -- TAGS: victoria's secret catalogue, make sunglasses free with old 3d movie glasses, refill your printer ink for free, Household Hacker spoof, parody, comedy,