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apollo xi

apollo xi

MoonFaker: LRO, Tracking The Tracks. PART 1

4y ago


This is the third in an ongoing series of videos in which we shall re-examine the much-hyped about Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. THE FIRST THING I SHOULD REALLY POINT OUT is that this will be the last film I release in awhile. I have some pressing matters to attend to in my offline life, meaning I will be away from Sony Vegas during that time. Still, you can bet I will have a whole heap of new films rearing to go when I get back. :) In this video we'll be taking a look at the alleged bootprint tracks seen in the Apollo 12 and 14 photos taken by LRO. We'll also be analyzing Surveyor 3 seen in the LRO image of Apollo 12's landing site. Ralph Earnest Cascarelli René 24th of August 1933 - 10th of December 2008 Rest In Peace Jarrah White would like to invite you to see the Apollo 11 footage that Svector, Phantom Wolf and Shane Killian have tried to suppress from public view. APOLLO XI: THE LITTLE GEM See also the evidence of faked and suppressed Apollo 10 footage that Mark Gray doesn't want you to see. FLAGGING THE GEMS