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apollo xi

apollo xi

MoonFaker: LRO, LRRR & LOLA Addendum. PART 3

4y ago


We've already seen that contrary to what has been claimed by Redzero, Mythbusters and others a retroreflector is not needed to bounce lasers off the lunar surface and back to earth. Their claim has been debunked by various lunar laser experiments contacted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory in 1962 and 1963. And today by the LRO's Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter, which bounces lasers off the bare lunar surface. Previously propagandists have backpedalled by stating the bare lunar surface can bounce lasers, but can't reflect back to the same degree of accuracy. But Astrobrant2 has taken it a step further by outright denying that his allies have made such a false claim in the first place! In today's video we'll see the lengths propagandists will go to try and make their opponents look bad by any means possible. We'll also be having a look at just how rude, obnoxious and insanely irrational some of these individuals can get (yes, I'm talking about you Astrobrant2 and Shane Killian). Ralph Earnest Cascarelli René 24th of August 1933 - 10th of December 2008 Rest In Peace Jarrah White would like to invite you to see the Apollo 11 footage that Svector, Phantom Wolf and Shane Killian have tried to suppress from public view. APOLLO XI: THE LITTLE GEM See also the evidence of faked and suppressed Apollo 10 footage that Mark Gray doesn't want you to see. FLAGGING THE GEMS