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Montreal Martial Law Bill 78 Passes - Backlash was Immediate

4y ago


THIS VIDEO 'MAGICALLY' BECAME PRIVATE & WAS NOT EVEN VIEWABLE IN MY VIDEO MANAGER! please copy & spread!!!! $5000 dollar fine for not wanting to inhale the police's Chemical weapons, disgusting! we do not live in capitalism but rather a comie-fascistic oligarchical technocracy. And despite the media's omissions The Protests Are NOT just About Tuition! plan north, natural gas fracking, healthcare tax, EI changes, Austerity, Corporate Welfare, Corruption, Breach of Trust & other criminality & etc, et cetera. - thanks to: TheSecretStore , thelinknewspaper & cbc this is a critique of the cbc. I cite fair use - fair dealings for any potentially copyrighted materials