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Monster Hunter Tri Deviljho Guide

4y ago


Hello fellow Hunters & members of youtube this is my first video i have uploaded pls be sure to leave a comment rate and maybe a sub? This wasnt a speed run of any sort and was a descent time for 3 people. This is my guide of how to kill a deviljho which is one of the last monsters you will get to fight. this is Bedevil a Deviljho(best faught in the tundra) because it gives you chances to collect dragonbone relics(when you have felyne Explorer) in the tundra. Deviljho can actually go into a secret area in this zone where more relics are found. Be sure to whatch out for his Strongest attack his Dragon Breath!(only used when Jho is in Rage mode) This attack gives your hunter the blight of Severe Dragon and lowers your weapons Affinity. Jho tends to get tired alot so he will eat multiple meats on 1 quest but can only be affected by their status 1 time per meat. Deviljho is weakest to Dragon element but also is weak to thunder. As you can see this is done with 3(up to four which is recommended) people and if you can communicate well with your team you should be able to take down jho and get some of the best armors and wepons in the game good hunting and good luck! Player: Collin MEGA and me Greg collins wepon: Devils Crush (P) MEGA's weapon: Dark Claw Demise My weapon: Dark Claw Demise Armor: Ceadeus(Helios) head+,chest+,Vambraces+,and tasset with Vangis Greaves Active armor skills: High Grade Earplugs, Sharpness +1, Attack up Medium, And Halve Stun Recommended items: Potion and Mega Potion x10 Max Potions x2 Lifepower x3 Well Done Steaks x10 Whetstonex20 Cool or hot drinks x5 (depending on zone) Mega dash Juice x5??? Pitfall Trapx1 Shock Trapx1 Tranq Bombs x8 Both Armor & Powercharm Both Power and Armortalons Barrel Bomb Large+ x2 Drugged,poisoned or Tinged meat x10 Dung Bombs x10 Dragonfell Berries x10??? (be sure to leave some feedback tell me what you would like to see i will do any monster with any weapon(within reason) u ask i can even do solos, and be sure to msge me if u want to hunt together!!)