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Moments In China

4y ago


Moments in China is a collection of vivid moments I experienced while traveling around China last month. The piece flows from Hong Kong to Beijing, and visits Guilin, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Some moments are more significant than others, but I have a personal connection with each. The video is particularly special to me because I have not had time for personal projects over the past several months. However, that is not to say that the past several months have not been exciting. I have had the chance to work on some interesting projects such as the Luminato Festival which aired on TV and at major theatres across Ontario, sequences for the Toronto Blue Jays, a set of commercials for Niagara Tourism, and promotional material for Toronto Tourism. I am also pleased to announce that I will be putting together Toronto Tourism's newest video aimed at garnering international interest for Toronto. I intend to take a unique approach. Thank you to Trevor Corrigan for creating the title; and my family, Jon B, Tom Ryoboi, Neil Ta, Martin L, Henry Less, Ian Mirlan, Derek Flack, Bryan Brock and Julie Holman for various reasons. I am shooting with a Nikon D700 and a 5D Mark III. For movement I use a system by Dynamic Perception--they did a great job of getting me equipment in China from Texas in only three days. If you are interested in following my progress on future projects you can find me here: MUSIC BY: SA DING DING