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chinese army

chinese army

China Shows Z-9WZ Helicopters in Rare Media Access to Base

4y ago


The 85th anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army is around the corner. To mark the occasion, the Chinese army has invited reporters from both Chinese and foreign media to visit the Army Aviation 4th Helicopter Regiment. Hou Na reports from an army base in Beijing. Hovering, descending and climbing turns... The Z-9WZ helicoper formation demonstrates the army's four pillar qualities; bravery, loyalty, prudence, and pragmatism. The Z-9 is the first armed reconnaissance helicopter designed and manufactured in China. Zhao Derong, Deputy Commander of Army Aviation 4th helicopter Regiment, said, "As a Chinese-made helicopter, the Z-9WZ has the capacity to attack air and ground targets." Hou Na said, "This is the Z-9 helicopter which you have seen in the performance, it is a medium-sized military helicopter. it's manufactured by China alone, and it can provide fire support for ground troops ."