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owl city

owl city

MLP PMV: Shooting Star - Pony City

2y ago


Midnight pmv anypony? lol, I figured it was about time I owed you guys another half decent PMV, seen as I've been so lazy recently. This is an attempt to one up my 'It's Always A Good Time' PMV, which has proven to be quite popular in the brony community so far. Sooo this was a challenge to myself.... Keep shining everypony! Song: shooting star - Owl City Editing Software: Sony Vegas EQD: PMV today: All content (c) respective owners Brony Media Featured: Animation Art General video Music artists (pony forms) Walpapers Green screen CGI Animations: Derpy's Christmas: Derpalicious [Remake / SFM]: Yugioh Re-enacted by Ponies: Derpy Story: Children of the night: Double Rainboom: The Pony: An Unexpected Journeigh: Foal Musicians: When the Ponies Cry: [SFM] Taking Flight: PRA WIP DEMO: My Little Pony: Ski Free: Picture Perfect Pony Official Music Video Animation: Applejack Cannon: Трейлер 8 выпуск Бронивилль Тайм: Video: Lauren Faust Panel - Equestria LA 2012: BroNYcon 2012 Video Mixdown: Green Screen Ponies: GIFs: Twilight run: Rainbow Dash Flying: Jack running: Fluttershy happy trot: Rarity walk: Google Search Pinkie Pie hop: Wallpaper: Twilight Sparkle: Apple Jack: Rarity: Pinkie Pie: Fluttershy: Rainbow Dash: Fanart: I'm sorry, But a lot of these were images that I saved a while ago and I can't remember where I got the picks from. But if the artists want to let me know who they are, I will be glad to add their names to the list.