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citizens united

citizens united

Mitt Romney Is A Tea Party Puppet Watch The GOP Pull His String MEPAC for Obama

4y ago


Mitt Romney is a puppet of extremist Tea Party Republicans and big business donors, that are trying to buy the White House, with the assistance of the 'Citizens United' Supreme Court Decision. They are pulling his strings now, and will continue if he succeeds to the White House. John Boehner's Tea Party congress is a political nightmare. They have Boehner by the 'balls". His congress is getting nothing done, is blocking the President's Job Bill - because their primary goal is to defeat the President, not help Americans. If elected, you will see the same control of Mitt Romney by the right-wing GOP operatives, big businessmen, that bought the election. He will have to clear all his policies with the republican right-wingers, that are bent on "Taking Back The Country". President Barack Obama is a conscious, thinking man of intelligence and character. Mitt Romney is a puppet of the worst factions of American politics. Who do you want in the hollowed walls of the White House? A puppet or a "thinker'? MEPAC FOR OBAMA