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Miss California's Opinion on Same-Sex Marriage

4y ago


This is an interview with Miss Jean Prejean of San Diego who likely lost her crown to the Miss USA Pageant [No copyright infringement intended; for educational purposes only] by giving an honest answer; when Miss California was asked her opinion of same-sex marriage by openly gay blogger and same-sex marriage advocate Perez Hilton and did not answer the way he wanted her to he called her a "B****" and a "C***" and said that if she would've won he "would've run up on stage and ripped the crown of her head". This video clip actually edits out part of her response. Her response was edited; her actual response: 'Well, I think its great that Americans are able to choose one or the other. We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage.' Continuing: ' And you know what, in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. 'No offense to anybody out there, but that's how I was raised and that's how I think it should be - between a man and a woman. Thank you very much.' Thank you Miss California! "Amen" I thought it was a wonderfully American comment Miss California made as well as very respectful she showed her true character as did Perez Hilton by resorting to name-calling. Besides that how can it be wrong to simply answer honestly. It was a setup from the beginning considering the judge knew she is attending a Christian University and likely how she would respond. She was also the only contestant asked such a question. Perhaps Perez Hilton should not have knowingly asked someone who he knew full well attended a Christian University such a politically-charged question for her personal opinion if he didn't want her to answer with honesty and be true to her own personal beliefs. Unfortunately I think due to the liberal media we may expect much more of this type of backlash for speaking our honest beliefs, the liberals and many same-sex advocates are tolerant but only if you agree with them. The recent passage of the hate crimes bill included added protected class status to those with sexual tendencies such as homosexuality, necrophila, pedophilia, and bestiality such as being of a different race will lead to legalization of same-sex marriage and eventual loss of our first amendments rights of both speech and religion labeling anyone that does not agree with those tendencies whether 'real or percieved' as able to be charge with hate crimes. God bless America and remember to stand up for our freedoms..."But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever." -John Adams, letter to Abigail Adams, July 17, 1775